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Welcome to the Workforce Participation Reporting System (WPRS)

The South Australian Government is committed to ensuring its procurement decisions support state and national efforts to increase workforce participation, skill development and social inclusion through employment of Aboriginal people, trainees and apprentices, local people with barriers to employment and for up-skilling (“the target groups”) on building and civil construction works throughout the state.

The Government has established a policy ‘Workforce Participation in Government Construction Procurement’ that requires Government agencies and contractors to work together to ensure that 15% of labour hours on specified contracts for building and civil works is undertaken by the target groups.

The policy requires contractors to:

  • provide a Workforce Participation and Skills Development Plan (for contracts greater than $5 million and for period lasting greater than 6 months – Tier 1) or Strategy (for contracts greater than $50 million and periods lasting greater than 6 months – Tier 2);
  • agree to meet the 15% target for Tier 1 and Tier 2 contracts,
  • report on the number of hours worked on-site by workers from the target groups at quarterly intervals throughout the contract and on completion of the contract; and
  • nominate a person responsible for the coordination of employment and training required under the policy for Tier 2 contracts.

Contractors engaged on Government building and construction contracts greater than $5 million have a contractual requirement, to provide workforce participation data using theWPRS.

Upon successful award of a contract, contractors will receive an email invitation detailing the registration process for the WPRS.  Once contractors have completed the registration process, they will be able to log into the WPRS and provide the required workforce participation information.

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