About Workforce Participation Reporting System (WPRS)

The WPRS allows contractors to record labour hours against a particular contract.

A user friendly data collection form to record workforce participation data on a monthly basis is the backbone of the system. Minimal effort is required once the first monthly form is filled out, and employees can be added and removed at ease.

The system also allows contractors to nominate key subcontractors and suppliers who delivered more than ten (10) labour hours as part of delivery of the contract. Once subcontractors are nominated by the contractor they will be sent an automated invitation email to register their details on the WPRS to start recording labour hours. Once registered the subcontractor can then nominate its subcontractors – see diagram below for clarity:

Image of: Entity Relationship Diagram

Construction and building projects have significant employment and economic benefits to the State, both direct and indirect that need to be captured and reported. There is also a requirement to indicate where this employment is located to ensure that these benefits accrue to local communities who may be impacted by the project. The WPRS identifies the extent of these labour benefits to the economy, as well as meeting the statutory requirements of the Workforce Participation in Government Construction Procurement Policy. Note: the information is presented in aggregate form to protect the confidentiality of contractor’s employees and will not be used to gauge the performance of the contractor.